Thursday 12-06-2007: Shopping and drinking again

We had a little time to kill in the port before getting on the line for the tenders back to the ship.
Deb decided we all needed a beer. Here, she gives the “thumbs up” to Belikin.
Locals in the market trying to score a few bucks. We wandered in and out of some souvenir shops. I scored a refrigerator magnet to contribute to the collection for Routeman Dan. Carol declared she was not waiting on that long line, and would join it when it was very short; she promptly disappeared after making this announcement and we saw her no more until later on back at the ship. While we were on the line, I saw a white cotton windbreaker type jacket with a hood and zipper, that said BELIZE on the sleeves and on the back. I left the line to purchase it, and then we all chugged our beers because we didn’t think they’d be allowed on the tender. Once aboard the tender, we zoomed back to the ship.
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