First post using crackberry

EDITING AFTERWARD – ok FINALLY I have forced this mofo to post to the blog. I had to do it via email. It doesn’t want to do SMS or MMS like my other phone/account used to. That’s fine, just so long as the posts get here.

I have to mess with it to ensure that the photos arrive in Picasa Web Albums at 600×800 and also that they post here with the good ol’ “s800” instead of “s400” (I just messed with this one to make it 800, but I won’t be able to do that while I’m mobile.

Sacrificing live chicken to the Blogger gods…..
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


Deep Pink Roses from the 2008 Flower & Garden Festival

The Rose Walk in Epcot wasn’t as crazy-in-bloom as I’ve seen it in the past, but still offered some lovely blooms to gaze upon, sniff and photograph. Here are some of my faves amongst the deep pink blossoms.

OK, so I think we might be able to ALMOST call this last one “red” 😀

The Teach asked a question about photo size

src=””I’m hoping the above line will post as text and not as a photo! This is part of the code from when I posted the photo of the Crackberry the other day.When I mobile blog, the photos are going to show up small, usually. But when I am blogging photos from my computer’s hard drive, I resize them to 800×600 before I upload them. Still, blogger will usually post them small, initially – no matter if I check small, medium or large. I don’t really know why they give you the small, medium or large option if they are just going to post them tiny…. but you can fight back, dammit! :DSee the part in the line of code that says “/s400/” ? After I upload a photo to a post in Blogger, if the photo posted tiny, I edit the post – I switch to the Edit Html tab, find that S400 part, and change the 4 to an 8. That gets them back to the 800×600 that I intendedSee, I selected “large” and it still posted small! But I’m going to change the 4 to an 8 now, and see what happens –Glass bowls filled with sea shells found on Sanibel Island, including true tulips, banded tulips, Florida horse conchs, lightening whelks, king's crowns, moon snail, nutmeg shell, alphabet cone and many others.Now that’s more like it! BTW, these containers of shells are sitting on top of my piano, and that’s a bust of Wagner. I don’t really care an awful lot for Wagner, but he was sitting on my grandfather’s piano my entire life, so when my grandfather passed on, I took old Richard home with me.I hope this explains the photo size thing in Blogger. I don’t really know a lot of Html, but that size thing was driving me batty, so I experimented and eventually figured it out.

I guess I should explain about the Crackberry…

Why A Blackberry Curve TITANIUM Arrived On My Doorstep This Morning

  1. I have T-Mobile for my cell service carrier. While out on the Sound or on Sanibel/Captiva, I sometimes have NO bars at all while friends with AT&T have lots of bars.
  2. I have a Motorola RIZR. It’s blue, it’s small, and I like it. However, here in the USA, I cannot use it to get on the internet. No, not T-Mobile’s narrow little version of the internet – the REAL internet.
  3. The RIZR has served me well for mobile photo blogging. However it only has a 2 megapixel camera with no flash. Now, the camera does not do a bad job at all in full sunlight, but even in full sunlight I still have to carry the Cannon PowerShot G5 to get better shots of things.
  4. The RIZR also has a standard 9-key pad from which to send text messages. It takes a while, partially because I suck at texting and partially because the key pad is not qwerty.
  5. The Nokia N95 has a 5 megapixel camera and can get on the net. The REAL net. However, i don’t believe it has a qwerty keypad. Two outta three ain’t bad. In addition to the N95, there are other phones out there that are now sporting 5 megapixel or more cameras.
  6. The Nokia N95 and other Nokia phones and other G3 phones work with AT&T
  7. I called AT&T. I found they were having a “sale” – refurbished Blackberry Curve, which can get on the net and has a qwerty keypad, but does not have a worse camera than I already have for mobile blogging (it’s 2 megapixels, too), for the low, low price of $29.99 !!!!!
  8. The girl that was helping me, a nice NOO YAWKA, figured out a way to help me keep my current NY cell phone number. That was the ultimate deal breaker, and she figured out a way to make it happen. So I signed up!

There. Now you know everything! This particular person is going to see to my activation personally; the right strings have to be pulled because of keeping the NY number – and she’s not on duty again until Saturday morning, so I won’t be up and running on the Crackberry until tomorrow sometime. Wish me luck!

Loggerhead sea turtle snatched by Minnesota tourist finally meets Gulf of Mexico

Loggerhead sea turtle snatched by Minnesota tourist finally meets Gulf of Mexico : environment : Marco News

I’m not sure I agree with the decision to levy no repercussions upon the Minnesota tourist. On the one hand, other’s who have committed the same infraction might read it and come forward with their contraband, erstwhile pets; on the other hand, might a well-publicized, hefty fine serve as a deterrent?My friend Tootie has a blog all about her adventures as a volunteer turtle walker on Sanibel Island. You can find her weekly adventures plus a great collection of links about sea turtles by clicking here ===> Turtle Talk With Tootie

Guess what has arrived ?

Just a pitstop on my quest to take over the blogiverse bwahahaha! 🙂 last post with the motorizr 🙁

Wordless Wednesday! June 25th 2008

We interrupt this Wordless Wednesday to bring you a special announcement! Please note to the right in the “Want to Subscribe?” box, we now have a button displayed to “add this blog to Technorati favorites”. If you are on Technorati too, please let me know in the Comments and I’ll go look you up!

We now return you to Wordless Wednesday, already in progress :D


Three different couples…and boy were they BUSY!

2008 Flower & Garden Festival: Miscellaneous Garden Features

2008 Flower & Garden Festival: Miscellaneous Garden Features

For the past several weeks since I got back from Walt Disney World, I’ve been posting photos that could really have been taken any old time during the year. Today, I begin posting photos that are specific to the 2008 Flower & Garden Festival.

But first, a disclaimer: I attended the Festival this year on the very last few days that it was in progress. Comparing this year’s experience to experiences past, I found a Festival that was a lot more sparse and bare than in years past. For instance, there were no animated topiaries or any sort of display at all behind Spaceship Earth. In years past, this space has held things like Belle and the Beast waltzing, or the first five “hidden” Mickeys out of the 50 that were sprinkled around the park one year.

Nice flowers…. why no display?

Another area that was looking bare was the “rainforest” next to the Mexico pavilion. Normally, this area is dripping with exotic orchids during the Flower & Garden Festival. This year, I had to look long and hard before finding just ONE orchid plant, hidden in the shadows.

In another area there was a sign, but no associated display.

I was wondering whether the sign was displaced, and then it dawned on me that the dismantling of the Flower & Garden Festival had probably already commenced, despite the advertised end date of June 1st (I was there from May 24th through May 27th). The only other explanation is that the 2008 Flower & Garden Festival was not as well funded as in years past, and that there wasn’t a rainforest or a behind-Spaceship-Earth display at all this year. If anyone reading this was there before I was, please leave a comment and let me know – were there orchids in Mexico?

OK, enough preamble – let’s get on with it!

Today’s post is devoted to a few miscellaneous garden features that caught my eye. First among these came from the space that was called The Key To Outdoor Living. In past years, this space was called “The Ultimate Backyard Garden” and was presented by Home Depot; this year, the sponsor was DuPont. The space features outdoor furniture and cooking appliances, a fun kid play area, water features and many whimsical decorative touches, such as this wall.

Hmm, I wonder why this caught my attention? Could it be…. wait, let’s have a close-up!

The turtles are glazed mosaic tile, as are a few of the sea shell features. However, three of the sea shells are real!

You know, i’ve never seen a WHOLE lion’s paw, so I’m not really sure that’s what the one on the left is. But the middle specimen was definitely a drool-worthy true tulip, and the disc on the right was a very real sand dollar. If you look back at the first of these three photos, you will see that the right panel is decorated with a series of Florida fighting conchs; those were the real deal, too.

Coming out of the outdoor living space, I spied a series of pineapple-shaped cutouts in the white fence. It was hard to get close enough to shoot through them. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality that have been carved into bedposts, banisters and other architectural details since American colonial times. If you want to read more about that, here’s a great page that tells the story.

Over near the Rose Walk, there was a garden set aside called Peter Pan’s Neverland Garden. Among the sights in this garden were a few little “fairy houses” sprinkled here and there.

Here’s one of my favorites. I love the little stone well out front, with a flower pot for a pail. And the table ware was just adorable!

Down by Future World, in the building that now houses the character meets, I spied this great mural of Pluto, floating on a lounge chair amongst the clouds. He’s either going to eat those daisies, or else plant them! 😀

TOMORROW: We’ll take a look at some statuaries and topiaries!
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Wordless, Friday June 20th 2008

A Storm Is Brewing
EPCOT, Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida
May 2008

This was an amazing storm. We took cover shortly after I took this photo. It got really dark, really fast!

Guess where i am going? 🙂

For Napaboaniya…

Illuminations, Reflections of Earth
Now you will see that it’s a torch!
Check comments in previous post for explanation. 😀

Daddy’s Blog

This is almost too personal to blog, but I figure there might be others out there who, like me, are missing their fathers as this weekend approaches.

We had some lovely wicked storms here. Lots and lots of downpour, big boomies too! I sorta drifted off to la la land on the sofa for a little bit; had the news on, and I just closed my eyes. Had a quick dream that I was telling someone that I could catch up with my father any time I wanted. All I had to do was go read his blog.

So I woke up really revved up to hop on the computer and read Daddy’s blog.

Daddy’s been dead since August 5th, 2002. He didn’t have a blog. I was really disappointed when I was awake enough to recall that.

I guess I think of him this time of year. The first Father’s Day without him was VERY weird. You don’t exactly get over it, but you come to a place where you don’t take every advertisement and mention of Father’s Day as a personal affront.

My father (really, the way he died) was a huge motivation to finally quit smoking. Somewhere in the sidebar of this blog there’s a ticker that’ll tell you how long it has been since I quit – 4 months and a few days as of this writing. I used Chantix to quit. The makers of Chantix give you access to a web site called GET QUIT, and you fill out some profile info there so they can customize daily emails that help you manage cravings and such. There is a place for one sentence of primary motivation on the profile page, and I put “Because my father died of lung cancer”.

The day before my father died, I had this strange feeling that he was hanging on and suffering to teach me a lesson, to provide me with a glimpse into what my future would be like if I didn’t quit. He suffered SO much.

He had some hallucinations because the cancer was breaking down his bones and his brain was being flooded with calcium. He told me he saw bugs crawling all over me and my mother, but not my brothers.

My mother and I were the smokers. My brothers, never.

So one night, I lied to him and told him I’d quit. Next morning, he left us.

I felt nothing but gratitude and relief at his passing. At last, deliverance from suffering; for him going through it, and for the rest of us watching it.

I took the next week or so off from work. I puttered in my garden and generally caught up on stuff at home (all that stuff that doesn’t get done because you are running to the hospital each night… because this might be the last night, you know…)

A few times that week, I would light a cigarette and the freakin’ smoke alarm in the house would go off. Fresh batteries, nothing else wrong with it. I finally ended up pulling the battery completely, thus placing myself in mortal (but thankfully silent) peril.

But it did make me smile that Daddy found a way to say, “Liar, liar, pants on fire” from the grave.


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Dang, enough already with the iPhone stuff!

I really can’t wait for the iPhone hype to die down. My RSS reader is clogged with post after post after article after article about it, and I’m sick of clicking “mark all read” already!

Besides which, it still has only a 2 megapixel camera, so why would I want it when there’s the Nokia N95/N96?

I really hope it dies down soon; this is ruining my geek blog reading experience :p

Cali Grill Bartender Shares Original Drink Recipe

One night during the recent trip to Walt Disney World, Chez Bro, the rest of da fam and I had dinner at the California Grill, high atop Disney’s Contemporary hotel. We arrived early so we could enjoy some adult beverages and appetizers at the bar. Our bartender, Ray from New Jersey, made a WONDERFUL drink that went down like Kool Aid, and he generously shared the recipe with us. He calls it the “RayRay”. I mentioned that I wanted to blog it, and he seemed pleased, so here it is.

Here’s lookin’ at you, Ray!

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Wordless, Monday June 2nd, 2008

Rainbow Over “China”
EPCOT, Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida
May 24th, 2008

Still sick. Haven’t been this sick in a LONG time. I just feel like crapola! But I have to go back to work today, with what shreds of vocal ability that remain. I’ll see if there are any meetings I can move to later in the week.

Enjoy the rainbow!