Southwest Florida "Islands FallFest 2008" Schedule of Events

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Southwest Florida’s “Islands FallFest 2008”
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I received this brochure in the mail today, along with a more comprehensive travel guide of happenings here in Southwest Florida. This is published by The Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, otherwise known as The Beaches of Fort Myers – Sanibel. “Island FallFest” is described as “a 75-day celebration of Southwest Florida’s unique events”. Of course, one of the events that had me really excited is the Pirate Festival, but it’s happening on a weekend that I’m already engaged elsewhere (Oct 11-12).

Other events that interest me –

10/19 – 10/26: “Ding” Darling Days
“Ding” Darling is a wildlife refuge on the bay side of Sanibel Island. This event is being billed as an “eco-festival” – right up my alley!

11/02: 25th Annual Taste of the Town, Fort Myers
This is held in Centennial Park, which I’ve mobile photo-blogged about in recent months. I had a good time blogging “Taste of the Islands“; maybe I can get Tootie to come with me to this one too, but this time we will not bike to it! bicycle smiley Ooo, and maybe Snowbird too! How ’bout it, Snowbird – will you be back in town by November 2nd and feeling adventurous enough for Centennial Park?

11/05-11/09: 22nd Annual American Sandsculpting Championship Festival
Now, I’ve lived here two years, and missed it two years in a row. I definitely want to attend this and mobile blog it! I’ve seen sand sculpture live at Disney World, but that’s nothing compared to this. Can’t wait!

11/14-11/16: Florida’s Creative Coast Weekend
This one is in Matlacha. It took me a while to figure out that’s spelled “matt-luh-SHAY”. First time I heard the evening news anchors talking about Matlacha, it was a realy “light bulb moment” for me; “oh, THAT’S how you say it!”. LOL This event looks like it features local galleries and musicians. Hey, Debbie – it’s Matlacha, we GOTTA go!

11-16: Taste of Bonita XV
More food and wine, wheeeeeeeeee! pour wine Also, I’ve never been to Bonita, so maybe a visit to the beach there is in order.

There’s lots more on the schedule – those are just the ones that jumped out at me. For more information about these or any other events in the Southwest Florida area, I’ve always found The Beaches of Fort Myers-Sanibel to be a pretty good resource. When you get to the site, there is a calender of events. There’s also a form you can fill out, and they will send you a traveler’s guide to Lee County, Florida. The 2008 version is 168 pages, printed in full color and sized to fit in a daypack (maybe 8″ x 5″ at the most). Check it out when you get a free moment – it’s free! And no, I don’t work for them nor am I getting paid to blog this. I’m just sharing a resource that I find useful.

I do worry that if I tried to attend all of the above, it’s probably a schedule I can’t live with. That’s basically one event, sometimes two, every weekend for four weekends straight. So I’m probably going to have to pick and choose. Want to help? Just click your preference on the poll below.

QUESTION: If you could only pick ONE of these events to attend, which would it be?

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Looking forward to your advice!

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12 thoughts on “Southwest Florida "Islands FallFest 2008" Schedule of Events”

  1. I love that you keep up on events! It’s so easy to not take advantage of activities and opportunities. If I drank I’d be all over some of those activities (and if I didn’t live in the middle of Utah!). I’m curious about the Pirate Festival. My kids are heading to FL in October (with their Dad). They are going to stay at Animal Kingdom (can you even do that?) and then heading on a Disney cruise for a week or something.

  2. I voted for the 22nd Annual American Sandsculpting Championship Festival – I bet the entries are awesomely awesome.

  3. I voted for the Creative Art Days,in Mat-whatever-shay.I’m sure they’ll have adult beverages there.Have your prople call my people…..

  4. I voted for the “Ding” Darling Days, but it was *so* hard to choose! I wish they had such cool things in Atlanta… 😉

  5. Tink, where are you going to be in NYC and Long Island? When in -mid-August are you coming? Could we get together for lunch, dinner? Here’s my e-mail: Let me know…

  6. The vote so far:

    Ding Darling, (2)
    Ft Myers Taste (1)
    Sandcastles (6)
    Matlacha (1)
    Bonita Taste (2)

    TOTAL VOTES (12)

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