Why did the sandhill crane cross the road?

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Camera Critters: Sandhill Cranes
I dunno – why DID the sandhill cranes cross the road,
right in front of my car, while I was hurrying to catch a plane?
Photo taken in Fort Myers, Florida on August 13th 2008

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17 thoughts on “Why did the sandhill crane cross the road?”

  1. Maybe they wanted to bid you bon voyage! OR, they wanted to be photographed for Camera Critters! =) =)

    My critter is here. Hope you can stop by if you have the time. Happy weekends!

  2. They wanted to be photographed and make their appearance on your blog! Now the whole world can see them!

  3. The traditional answer is: ‘To get to the other side.’ However they look as if they hurrying to catch a bus or get there before the bar closes.

  4. Hey! What you doing with my birds? LoL. Check out MY Sand Hill Cranes, too!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What a great photo, i have never seen them out and about like this great photo.
    Thanks for the stop over

  6. Tink: That is a wonderful capture,they were near my Brother-in-law’s house in Florida and showed up 4 hours after we left.

  7. Okay, so Miss Renee saw the photo and would like to tell you what she thinks. =)

    She believes the two cranes were out on a date. They were also headed towards the airport-just like you! Instead of heading to NY though, they were headed to California. They wanted to visit Disneyland!

    And that’s all she has to say about that. 😉

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