Hangin’ with mah peeps again!

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Hangin’ with mah peeps again!

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Well, we had so much fun last time I did this, I thought I might as well do it again. It gives me a chance to give some of y’all some linky love. <3 (it took me forever to realize when I saw that symbol, I was supposed to tilt my head to the right and see a heart). OK, here we go –

It’s DeVine! (Wednesday September 10th)

smarmoofus asked, “Is DeVine based on a character from a book/movie, or is she just a park character?”

Probably the correct answer to that is “she’s just a park character”. However, when I first “met” her, she reminded me immediately of a rather more sensuous version of the animated vegetation in the old Disney short called Flowers and Trees. It was part of the Silly Symphonies series. I’ve got a lot of the Silly Symphonies on DVD, but believe it or not, I found it on YouTube just now! It would not surprise me if the Disney Imagineer who came up with the concept of DeVine was thinking of Flowers and Trees

(the clip is 7min 31sec long)

smiley drinks wineCatsynth said, “The goddess of wine!”

You know, I never thought of her that way, but maybe you are right. I know that Bacchus was the god of wine. But who was the goddess of wine? I dunno! dunno

gpc said, “I’ve never seen her before — this may be my inner muse!”

Are you trying to tell us that … that… that YOU’RE the goddess of wine? *genuflects*

Italian Sculpture at Epcot (Skywatch Friday September 12th)

Gayle said, “Pssst…he’s wearing a dress. Not sure who he is, but I hope he doesn’t bend over! 🙂 Those look like rain clouds…I like Mickey’s big hand. I think that would look cool coming out the top of my house. It sure would draw attention! :)”

You know, the piece is available, seeing as they’ve taken it down. In the beginning, there was the giant golf ball, aka the geosphere aka Spaceship Earth (there’s actually a rather nifty attraction inside). It was barren, and it was the symbol of EPCOT. Then, for the Millennium Celebration in 2000, they put up the the “Epcot” and the gloved Mickey hand. Purists abhorred it. I must admit, I was rather taken aback the first time I saw it. It seemed so garish and unnecessarily redundant to put a neon “Epcot” on the 18 year symbol of EPCOT.

Well, they finally took it down. I believe it was at the end of 2007. I’d gotten used to it by then, but when I realized that I had some photographic catching up to do with the “nakey” golf ball, I was ecstatic! It looks really pretty at night – they put some sort of purple lighting on it, which bounces off all of the facets.

So anyway, that Mickey hand probably isn’t doing anything special right now. Your mission would be to figure out how to heist it out of Florida all the way to Alaska. Good luck! :p

Christa rode to our rescue with the answer to most of our questions. Thanks, Christa! However, we still don’t know what’s under that guy’s skirt… 😀

BIG Pile of Sea Shells at Blind Pass! (Friday September 12th)

Gayle said, “What an adventure. I would get so excited I’d want to take everything I saw home which I’m sure there are a lot of broken shells not worth getting. But I’d get them. Open market? Does that mean you do this to sell them?”

I replied in the Comments but since I think Comments are a pretty lousy way to communicate (hmmm, maybe I ought to write a techno-rant about that one of these days), I’ll repeat it here.

“I don’t sell my shells! I love my shells! But sometimes I give them away. For instance, sometimes I am hosting a niece or a friend and we go to the beach and there are no shells that day. Instead of letting them go home empty handed, I let them shell in my closet where I keep the ones I’m not displaying yet. No one has yet been unhappy shelling in the closet! 😀 ”

To this, I will add that I display them in glass jars and bowls and admire them, and take them out and play with them and rearrange them in an endless cycle of obsession which I confess that I cannot control, nor have I any desire to. Yes, having them is wonderful, but hunting them is da bomb! Once you have them, you’ve got to clean them and shine them and find the right container for them and and and…. I don’t really mind. I love my shells! I moved to this part of Florida from New York specifically to be near the shells. w00t!

Mare said, “Can’t wait to see your booty! LOL!”

But… but… but I hardly know you! And what would Mark and Miss Renee say if they knew? 😀

Snowbird wrote, “Great post. How do you guys see in the dark???? I went to Access 6 today and found a couple of shark’s eyes (not as big as Gary’s) and a couple of Olives. Mostly kibbles and bits though. But I did find a big operculii!!!!! Or is that operculum??? LOL”

I went to that surf shop over by Jerry’s and I got one of those miner’s lights that you wear on your head. I also carry a hand-held flashlight, but there are times when you want both hands free, so I try to make sure that I’m wearing something with big enough pockets for the flashlight. Gary and Tootie used the lights off their bikes, which I think are brighter than a regular flashlight, but Gary doesn’t like the harshness (LED). Maybe next time we will trade – I’ll use his bright bike light and he can wear the miner’s light. He says I’m always blinding him with it anyway. You cannot help it, if you look up at someone, you shine ’em right in the eye with it. He can get his revenge on me, and then we’ll be even. We’ll both be blind, but even ;p

gpc moaned, “I can’t stop moaning. I am happy for you but (groan). I have never found an opercuthingy, and wonder if I would know one without its shell?”

I loaded a photo to my Flickr PhotoStream because Flickr lets you put notes/labels on a photo. I labeled the opercuthingies, so you’ll be able to see what they look like. My first one, I didn’t know what it was at first, but I kept it because I thought it was weird and strange. I remember trudging back to my hotel and having a lightbulb moment about it. It’s very weird to think that you’re in possession of the door to someone’s home!


OK, looks like I’m pretty much all caught up addressing comments and questions. But there is one thing I wanted to talk about, and that’s this new Blogger “Following” feature. It messed up my Google Reader. I was already subscribed to a lot of you, and so when i started to Follow you, it duplicated all of you in my Google Reader. Even though there is a check box to uncheck, which I did, to explicity tell Google Reader NOT to put in a group of “mah peeps that I Follow”, it did it any way and messed me up. I know not why. It’s a bug of some sort – although, I’m sure the Blogger developers would call it a “feature”. Whatever, I had to delete everyone (both you AND your twins) and start all over again. I resubscribed/put everyone back into the Reader but I did not re-Follow. So don’t be mad if you don’t see me Following you back any more. I gots issues! When Google fixes it, I’ll be really happy to Follow you once more!

OK, that’s it for tonight. This is a LOOOOONG post! It’s been real. See ya real soon!

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4 thoughts on “Hangin’ with mah peeps again!”

  1. I’ve always wondered about your shelling obsession! I had no idea that you kept them and I think it’s awesome that you have so much knowledge about them. You also take amazing care of them and it’s all so intriguing to me! I love reading your posts and thinks it’s great that you so enjoy hunting them down!!!! We don’t have anything cool like that in Utah and I haven’t been to a beach in over 10 years 🙁

    Happy almost Manic Monday!!

  2. Thanks for the pix of the opercuwhatsits. They look just like they do when they’re in the shell. Who wouldda thought. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for them next time I’m on the beach!

  3. Thanks for the info about the new Blog Follow feature on blogspot. I noticed it, but have not yet had the time to dink with it. As it is, I don’t even get around to my Reader on a daily basis. Anyway, if/when I do get around to starting the Blog Follow thingie, I’ll watch out for conflicts with the Reader. Thanks for the heads up.


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