Thursday is my day off from blogging

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I made this big old sign to remind everyone that I don’t blog on Thursdays. Thursdays are Blogless ’round these parts. It’s my day off. Every other day of the week, I post and post, but not Thursdays. Uh-uh, no blogging on Thursdays. I hope I don’t forget and blog anyway!

Confused about BLOGLESS THURSDAY? Find out how it all began!

Okay, so remember, I won’t be posting to this blog today, and I’ll see you tomorrow for Skywatch. I’ve got some lovely shots in store for y’all tomorrow. See you then!

AND NOW, if you would not mind, could you please sign Mister Linky? He makes it very convenient for me to return your kind visit. Mister Linky is very similar to Captain Kirk’s transporter beam, or perhaps Harry Potter’s flue system. I just click and I am instantly transported to your place. It’s extremely convenient, and I highly recommend you give it a try.

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3 thoughts on “Thursday is my day off from blogging”

  1. I signed Mr Linky, but I really don’t have anything new to show. I’m bummed I missed Wordless Wednesday. I wanted to take a great shot of the valley, but didn’t make it up there. It is a frantic race at my house to get everything done before Mother Nature brings me snow. I won’t make it, but I’m trying! I may have to blog on Blogless Thursday, since I didn’t do it on Wednesday. Sorry! 🙂

  2. Of course you don’t blog on Thursdays! Nice post, it may be a paste-in for when you don’t want to blog but blog anyway? My read your car feature on Fridays is like that, I just read someone from the appearance of their car and I don’t have to be very creative.
    Thanks for looking at the little Morris Minor, I doubt this is an original color either. Most were black or dark blue.

    Hope your WW! was happy. WW’ing almost isn’t blogging either, just plop in a picture.
    But then people comment and need to be answered. I just leave my Little Photo Place empty and will post again this evening for Skywatch Friday (not really blogging either).
    BTW, if you answer all the comments on this, do it tomorrow so that you don’t blog today! 🙂

  3. Tink, you kill me! lol!

    I have to say that Blogless Thursday is my favorite day.


    I just can’t wait to visit to see what kind of excuse you’ve come up with for not blogging! 😉

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