My car turns 50 before I do – hah!

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Odometer = 50K🙂 One night after work last week, I was driving to the gas station to fill up the car and I noticed that my odometer said 49,993 miles. I bought this car used; it was one year old, and it had 20,000 miles on it. It’s a 2002 Toyota RAV4, and I love it. Anyway, when I lived in New York, I would take the train to work, so the car only went back and forth to the station, maybe a couple of miles each way. Then I started working from home full time, so the car got even less of a workout.

Now that I live here in Southwest Florida, the car gets a little more mileage on it than it used to. First, I had to drive it from Long Island to the auto train in Lorton, Virginia to get it down here. I was not about to make that looooooooong drive from NY to Florida all by myself! Once I got here, a pattern established itself. I get up to Tampa about once a month for business, and over to Walt Disney World in Orlando maybe once every 4-5 months. I get out to Sanibel Island or even Captiva once or twice a month, too. So the miles have racked up, and after 7 years of existence, 6 of which have been with me, the car was finally ready to flip over to 50,000 miles.

But last Wednesday night, when I noticed this, I also realized that if I didn’t do more than just take it to the gas station that night, the flip-over would probably occur while I was driving 70 miles per hour on Interstate 75 the next morning. This would mean I would not have an opportunity to take a photo of the odometer.

Well, what would you do? Probably the same as me. I drove around and around and around the perimeter of the local shopping center’s parking lot until it flipped over. By this time, it was dark outside, so I parked it under a street lamp, turned on the interior light in the car, and took the photo!

I hope to drive this car into the ground, at least another 50,000 miles and then some. I like not having a car payment, and I just plain like the car. The back cargo area is a convenient height for getting things in and out, and the vehicle sits high (technically, it’s an SUV), so I can drive it onto the beach without any issues. 🙂

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