Holiday window dressing at Walt Disney World

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A few weeks ago while strolling through EPCOT, I happened upon the Port of Entry store, located in World Showcase Plaza just as you are starting to head up the UK, France, etc side. It was all done up for Christmas with garland strung along the roof line. However, I spied something else Christmas-y about the store…


The windows of the store were all dressed up for Christmas too, with signs that depict Christmas shopping activities as they would occur in some of the countries represented around EPCOT’s World Showcase. There’s the tall pagoda in Japan – red for Christmas, instead of its customary blue:


Here we have Eiffel Tower, poodle and fashionably-dressed lady shopper – I’m thinking this is France:


Finally, we have my favorite. There aren’t many clues here, but the man is holding a red shopping bag with a white star-shaped snowflake design on it. Having grown up in New York City and Long Island, I cannot help but be reminded of the holiday Christmas shopping bags from Macy’s, home of the Miracle on 34th Street and sponsor of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


(yes, ok, I know – the chimneys on the rooftops in the background probably indicate London, but I like my Noo Yawk scenario better!)

And speaking of New York, I finally got here! It only took three tries over the course of four days. The blizzard that hit New York last weekend sure took its toll on air travel. I’m glad to be here but it’s bitterly cold, and there is snow and ice everywhere! I think I’ll stay in and bake cookies for Santa.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday – ho, ho, ho! 🙂

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