2007 Lodge Ladies Cruise

Thursday 12-06-2007: The Wild Ride

Tour operators decided to give us a wild ride through the mangrove islands, taking hair-raising turns and bumping along. We theme park fans instinctively raised our arms to the sky in order to enjoy maximum air time. The clouds were…

Thursday 12-06-2007: uh oh….

As we sped away from Caye Caulker, this is what we were speeding into. I wasn’t liking the prospect of being in a little speed boat, or even in the larger tender, during THAT. Was hoping it would either blow…

Thursday 12-06-2007: Hmmm….

I know that agave is not the same as weed, but this medallion on this shop sign sort of makes it look like contraband! In reality, agave looks nothing like marijuana, but it IS medicinal!