Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Mickey on a stick – so good!

Mickey on a stick – so good!, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. I’ll go back to eating properly tomorrow. Right now, I am in Walt Disney World and I want a Mickey-shaped treat!

Glimpse of the giant anteater

Glimpse of the giant anteater, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. The giant anteater in The Oasis is often not viewable. He does value his privacy, so it’s a rare opportunity when he deigns to make an appearance.

View from Disney’s Yak and Yeti

View from Disney’s Yak and Yeti, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. We have the table directly above the prayer tree out front of the Yak and Yeti restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

A pillar of orchids

A pillar of orchids, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. We are at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, making our leisurely way toward Asia and lunch. We found orchids blooming in a tree, towering over The Oasis.

It’s not nice to poach

It’s not nice to poach, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. More than just wild animals can be poached. In my neck of the woods, they poach saw palmetto berries !

Head characters from UP!

Head characters from UP!, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. I supposed they have been around for a while, but I’ve never seen them in the parks before. Spotted right next to the entrance to It’s Tough To Be A Bug.

A tale of two tigers

A tale of two tigers, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. On the one hand, I am grateful for the opportunity to see actual tigers. On the other hand, they’ve got to be SO bored in there.