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The colors of autumn… in FLORIDA?!?!??

© Copyright 2012 | http://MyMobileAdventures.com | CLICK any photo for a larger view The weather has definitely broken into fall here in Southwest Florida, and that means the delight of being able to exert one’s self outdoors without risking heat…

Moonrise over World Showcase

Moonrise over World Showcase, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. It’s a pretty night at the Food and Wine Festival. I wonder if all the crazies will come out to EPCOT tonight?

LIVE from a rocking chair on Main Street USA

LIVE from a rocking chair on Main Street USA, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. The family was slow-pokey this morning so I departed for Magic Kingdom ahead of them. Looks like its gonna be a killer crowd today! It’s nippy…

Magic Kingdom Day!

Magic Kingdom Day!, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. I think my brother made a strategic error in declaring today a Magic Kingdom day – lots if crowds pouring into the park.

Good Morning run at WDW

Good Morning run at WDW, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*. The Boardwalk is SO slick from the morning wash that I am only running on the concrete portions. Looking forward to coffee afterward!