Due to technical difficulties….

… we’ve returned to my room at the Dolphin to recharge the cell phone battery, which died while I was in mid-sentence on the phone with my friend Lisa. I heard a beep, looked at the phone and said, “oh, low battery….” and *POOF* she was gone. I was about done with the AK anyways. I see some of the pics have not shown up, so I will have to do a re-send at some point. But the phone is charging way over THERE and I’m on the PC way over HERE, so y’all will just have to wait.

I hope Chris is satisfied because the only thing I had to eat all day was that stinkin’ oatmeal cookie, plus a banana that I managed to grab off the fruit cart in Harambe. I was devastated that Tusker House was closed; they usually have healthy type options, like fruit salad and whole wheat or multi-grain breads and such. So I was pretty much screwed for good food today, because what else is there in AK, really? Flame Tree BBQ, no thanks, I was looking for breakfast! And sticky buns and danishes at the kiosks, pretzels, hot dogs, et al.

I still had a good time today thus far, roaming around Disney’s most beautiful park. Plus, I found a yogurt in the fridge, which I am sucking down in between typing in order to calm the beast that is my digestive system. When the phone is sufficiently charged, I shall venture forth into Epcot to partake of some of the international foods I’ve not tried yet. I’ve yet to try Italy, Peru or Turkey, to name a few.

Y’all may have noticed that I’ve been practicing Illuminations Avoidance, leaving Epcot each night before the fireworks start. This is because I am starving myself for it until the Illuminations Party at the Moose Meet in a couple of weeks. I could easily have become all Illuminationed out this week, if you see what I mean.

I have to pack tonight…. actually, I should just start packing now, while waiting for the phone to charge. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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