Event Night at the Animal Kingdom

Robin met me in the lobby of the Dolphin, where we would wait for the bus. I was vigilant trying to figure out where the line would start, and kept dogging suspicious looking groups of folks that did NOT have a tell-tale blue backpack, but DID have their stinkin’ badges around their necks. We ducked outside to investigate one such group, and when we turned around to come back in, the line had already formed.

We got on maybe the third or fourth bus – much better than last year, when the line had snaked its way around the fountain in the rotunda – and we were on our way.

Called Patt and left a message on her cell as we were walking in. A woman named Mary who works for an insurance company fell into step with us, and asked if she could hang out with us, as she’d arrived alone. We were headed toward the ribs in Africa and it was fine by us. There were streetmosphere folks on the way there, looked like some safari adventurers or some such, and there were guys in costume on stilts walking around. Their handler was very small with short legs and she had to trot along to keep up.

The ribs were to DIE for, but still not quite as good as the ones at the Oak Tree in Islands of adventure. They were slow cooked with some sort of chili sauce. Mmmmm! As we were sitting and eating, Mary struck up a conversation with some guy, and we saw her no more that evening.

I went to feed my addiction and as I was passing through the Harambe bar, I ran into Patt and Mr Patt (sorry, I’m COMPLETELY blanking on your name, Mr Patt!). We kinda pointed at each other “ah-HA!”-like, and hugged. We all sat around the table drinking some pink planter’s punch with rum – very tasty! – and blah blah blah-ing the night away. I did take a photo of the punch, but it hasn’t shown up here yet. There were some awesome tunes from a live band, acrobats doing their thing, and tables all in the streets of Harambe with food, food, food, and chefs in a sort of tent setting things aflame.

After awhile we decided to walk up to Asia, and on the way we met the Yeti on stilts, who was boogying to “ah! ah! ah! ah! Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive….” with a DJ crankin’ out the 70s tunes, right outside of Expedition Everest. I decided I needed to experience it in the dark. Robin waited in the air conditioned gift shop while Patt and her Mr bid us goodnight and walked on.

Everest is AWESOME in the dark, especially the backwards part!

After Everest, we wandered into Dinoland and played games. We’d been given a couple of game passes apiece, and Robin found two more lying around somewhere. I stank at all the games, which is why you see me below with a big fat “loosah” on my head.

Soon we were tired, and figured to head to the front of the park and back to the busses. We rode back to the Dolphin, and bid one another good night.

I’m glad I don’t have an 8:00 am tomorrow – I’m thrashed! Hope the other pics I took show up during the night.

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  1. Awesome Tink! To ride EE at night sounds very cool! I’m looking forward to that and Soarin’ in a couple of weeks.

    Glad you had a good time! 🙂

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