Good gawd, those banana dacquiris are THE SHIT! (Thursday Report)

OK, as y’all can see, I ventured into Epcot late this afternoon, after I had talked to cranky clients and attended research sessions all the doo damned day. I walked in from the Dolphin, on the Yacht Club side.

The very first (mis) adventure was that my brand spankin’ (re)new(ed) Annual Pass would not work in the turnstiles. I had to go stand on the ticket line to get it sorted. There was ONE ticket lady and about a bazillion people on line. So I was very cranky when I finally entered the park.

I hung a left after the International Gateway, and made my way to Canada to start grazing. I knew from last year that the maple salmon with arugula and corn was REALLY good, provided that you cannot smell a “fishy” smell when you get to the kiosk. There was no “fishy” smell, so I bought it and parked myself upon the trash can near the entrance to Le Cellier to imbibe. It came with a Mission Hill Chardonnay that I liked. If I could have given it two thumbs up and still taken the picture, I would have. They also have a small sample size of the famous cheese soup there, but it was so hot and sticky in the park this afternoon, I could not bear the thought of it and passed.

My next stop was the Peru kiosk for some duck and rice dish. There were some other choices, but I asked the girl ringing me up to make a recommendation, so duck it was. TOOTIE, I AM SORRY, WHAT CAN I SAY, I WAS HUNGRY! lol It also had peas, and was flavored with some sort of local chile, which gave a greenish hue to everything. It was good, I liked it, but I kept thinking it needed something. A woman next to me and I started talking about it, and we became convinced that some diced tomatoes would have given it a burst of fresh, and also some other color besides green. So that’s why it only got a listing thumb (the pic has not shown up, so I will post it later). I forget what the name of the wine was, but it was dry and red and went well with the duck.

I proceeded up the rose walk into the Dominican Republic, where I found a dacquiri stand. They had mango, passion fruit, and banana. Well, Mexico has mango margaritas, which I like, but I have them all the time, so I wanted something different. I asked the lady ringing me up to make a recommendation, and she said to go for the banana, so I did. Missing in action is a picture of the thumbs up for the dacquiri, which I was slowly sipping on (to avoid brain freeze) as I made my way around the lagoon.

I called a friend when I reached that first gift shop, over by the MacDonalds french fries place. It was quiet behind the building, relatively, and I could hear her fairly well. We chatted, and I sipped, and when we hung up and I stood up, I was like WOA! I kept walking, toward Mexico, and then my mother called, to rehash cousin so-and-so’s baby shower and all the scandalous occurrences that happened. I had to sit down again on some benches near Odyssey. After we hung up, I wandered into Mexico and found a place to sit so I could call Debbie and make my now famous recommendation of the banana dacquiris in Dominican Republic. I also took a pic of the dead soldier against a Swan and Dolphin sunset background.

I’d bought a bottle of water with my Canadian meal, and now I was going at it in earnest, trying to sort of mitigate the damage. You know, clean out my brain cells and kidneys and such. By time I reached the International Gateway again, I had to buy another bottle, and ended up twitching on the boat ride home until it dropped me off at the Dolphin and I could find a place in which it is acceptable to pee.

OK, I’m sorta spaced out still, and not sure that if I hooked the camera up to the PC, would I actually copy the pictures or delete them. So I think I’m not long for this world, and bid you all fond goodnight.

I just wanna say that I am very much looking forward to the Main Moose Meet later on this month – and yes, we are going to get us some banana dacquiris! WOO HOO!