Spamity spam, spamity spam

I had conference spam when I awoke, and conference spam when I returned from my little jaunt to Downtown Disney. I sent photos to the blog, but they did not post, so I shall attach them herewith as evidence of the existence of the conference spam fairy.

Fairly ordinary conference day – inspirational and mind-expanding, this particular conference always raises more questions than it answers. This is a goodly thing, however, for were it not for questions, solutions would not be born.

At lunch, I picked a table and struck up conversations, and two guys from my firm sat down at the same table. Out of the many thousands here at this conference, there are less than a dozen of us from my firm in attendance this year, so what were the odds. I confess I had not really heard of either of them, but one of them knew me; how that happens, I really don’t know. Perhaps someone took my name in vain, once upon a time.

And now for some commentary on the pics from DTD. Chris, the dragon is made entirely of Legos. There are other Lego beings down there too, both life-size and bigger-than-life. As to this particular dragon’s identity, I fear it cannot be the Tink-Ness Monster, for that being lives in the lake behind my house, and it would be a very trying journey indeed. Given that it takes three hours and change by car, it would take an impossibly long time by slither.

The fish and chips got a half-mast “Meh!” because they were a bit too on the greasy side for my liking. I ended up scooping the fish out of the crusty part. The iced tea there is very good – black currant, said the label on the dispenser. It had the faintest trace of berry flavoring to it, and it came in both sweet and unsweet. The sweet was too sweet, so I did a half and half mixture (I have learned to do this since moving to the South; when they say sweet down here, they MEAN sweet!)

I didn’t buy too much down there, just a T-shirt and a box of Mickey fudge. For once, I’m not falling in love with every piece of merchandise I see. I wonder, could it be that I am all Mickeyed out? Jeeze, I hope not.

OK, here comes the spam…..

dang, why does it always insert them BEFORE I write? I had the cursor down here, I swear!

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  1. Yo Sis

    Found your blog!

    Too bad the pics don’t open up LARGER. Maybe a feature you haven’t found yet?

  2. Can’t control pic size when posting via cell phone. When posting on the computer, can pick small, medium, large.

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