The Friday Report, CONTINUED

After Haunted Mansion and the hot dog, I cruised back to Splash to redeem my Fast Pass. Sat in the second to last seat and didn’t hardly get wet at all, which was fine by me. Nothing like walking around in soaking wet underwear…. Wanted to head for Tomorrowland after that, but the parade was coming to I had to grit my teeth and cut through Stroller Hell, aka Fantasyland to get there. While walking through there, I happened to see – ok no, that was a lie – I actively sought a pretzel stand, but ended up getting a churro instead. I also passed the teacups and thought of my friend Trixy (which I spelled with an “ie” in the photo, I know not why). Once I turned the corner into Tomorrowland, I decided I really wasn’t into waiting for another Fast Pass to mature, so I cut down into the Rose Garden and hung out there for a while, just diggin’ the scenery. Wandering back onto Main Street from there, I noticed that signage for the MNSSHP was being put up, so I figured to get while the gettin’ was good, and made my way out of the park, stopping only to listen to the barber shop quartet for a bit. boarded the relatively uncrowded monorail and changed at the TTC for the monorail to Epcot.

The monorail makes a dip into the Epcot park just before letting you off, and I saw the sign for the Festival Center, which is set up in the cavernous Wonders of Life pavillion. So I made my way over there, stopping to buy a pretzel along the way (which I could only eat half of, they are so monstrously large). There’s wine tasting, a wine shop, a book shop, a kitchen gadget shop, and a place to find out about DVC at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. There’s also some sort of film being shown in there, but I didn’t stop to see it. It’s weird to see a wine shop set up right under the Body Wars sign.

There wasn’t much else I wanted to do there last night. My body and particularly my feet were SCREAMING at me for some rest and some non-crap food. So I walked up to the International Gateway and caught the boat back to the Dolphin. I messed around on the net for a bit and then went to dinner at the Fountain (I could only eat half that buffalo chicken salad, but it was good!). My waiter was a young British lad with Prince Harry type cuteness (same coloring) and he kept winking at me. He was very cute, but how Mrs Robinson would THAT be? LOL Probably he was just gigolo-ing himself for a better tip.

After dinner, I came back to the room for a nice, long, hot shower before sitting down to tell my tale. I think the hot shower is what did me in; I think I was technically asleep before hitting the pillow, and did not bother to set the alarm or a wake up call.

I awoke to another beautiful morning. Only 69* at present, and out on the balcony it feels like the humidity has broken. A full night’s sleep for a change, but I still feel sorta lazy. I think I shall post this and then get dressed and head out for Animal Kingdom. I know a place in Harambe where I can get a fruit smoothie for breakfast!