The Saturday Report – finale

Well, I’ve added some photos and commentary below. I wanna know – you send a photo with comments and you get back an acknowledgment that “your post was successful” but it never turns up on the blog. Where do they go? Is there some blog junkyard somewhere? Island of misfit blog posts? WHERE ARE MY PHOTOS!

Anyhow, I’ve filled in some blanks and added some commentary. There really isn’t much after the below, except that I stopped at the French bakery on my way out to get a plain croissant. I wanted to soak up some of that wine and spice I’d been pumping into my stomach all evening. Took the boat back.

Now the REAL question is – why aren’t I packing? Hmmm? Because this is more fun!

Tomorrow, I check out. I dunno what I’ll do during the day, but on my way home, I get to check into some hotel in Tampa so I can have meetings in the Tampa offices on Monday. Then I get to finally drive home on Monday night.

So since I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow – there may or may not be blogging happening!