Fall back, everyone, Daylight Savings Time

My website is messed up because the hosting facility had an outtage and all the Front Page extensions got uninstalled from all the servers. When the reinstall happened, it didn’t go so well, and the advice is to “DELETE YOUR WEBSITE and start over.” So I had to uninstall the extensions and then delete the entire website from the host last night. I kicked off the re-install before turning in (it takes about 4 hours to upload), and woke up this morning to an error message. So now I’ve kicked it off again, and I’m grumpy.

Otherwise, I quite enjoyed waking up in the light rather than in the dark, but DANG – it was only about 49* when I woke up. It has risen to 55*, but in the meantime, I’ve broken out the Mickey Mouse sweats.

My computer changed itself, and the house alarm was already good. I’ve changed the microwave and the stove, and I need to also change my alarm clock, the car, and my watch. Then I will be done with “fall back”. I don’t bother with the VCR or the DVD player unless I’m trying to record something on a timer. I have the TV and all that plugged into a power strip which I keep turned off most of the time. It’s one of my little contributions to living green.

One thought on “Fall back, everyone, Daylight Savings Time”

  1. I hate changing my clocks. I still need to do my car, but then I’ll be done.

    I like your new blog format, Tink. Did you ever look at mine (although I’m going to be redoing mine soon). 🙂

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