Since the temperature has dropped significantly, I figured I’d better take a photo of the plumeria before all the leaves go bye-bye. This was just a stick with some roots when Chris gave it to me a year ago; now look at it! Mine didn’t bloom like Gary’s did, but I think that’s because his probably gets a fuller day of sun than mine does. I might plant it in the ground soon, or else just get a bigger pot for it and keep it on the lanai.

3 thoughts on “Plumeria”

  1. I have been trying for two years to get my sticks to bloom! I’ve had great leaves the last two years, but no blooms. I’m about to bring mine in for the winter. I guess I’ll just let them go dormant and try again next year. If they still don’t bloom, I’m shipping them to you!

  2. Christa, I planted mine this way: put a layer of styrofoam peanuts in bottom of pot for drainiage. Makes the whole thing lighter than if you used stones. When you live in hurricane country, it is important to be mobile! Next, I planted it in pure organic compost mixed with peat moss – about 3 parts compost to one part peat moss. I mixed Osmocote into the soil mixture. Finally, I put the pot on wheels so I can move it around the lanai, following the sun during the day. The lady at the Epcot Flower and Garden festival who was selling them told me it can take up to three years for a plumeria to finally bloom, so maybe next year is the year for you!

  3. Ooo, great tips! I will probably have to re-pot this spring, so I will follow your tips! I brought them in last night, and they are up in my office now. I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with them this winter for sure.

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