Thursday 12-06-2007: Great minds think alike!

When I got back to the beach side of the island, I started to think that maybe I’d like to come back here sometime, and stay for a couple of days. So I started snapping pics of little places, as a way of remembering what accommodations are located on the beach. Unbeknownst to me, Debbie was busy doing the exact same thing! After she got back from the cruise, she identified a B&B that we’d seen from the boat that has four rooms. Stay tuned; a future vacation plot may be hatching!

One thought on “Thursday 12-06-2007: Great minds think alike!”

  1. This is so cool because I went one way on the island and you went the other, so now I’ve seen both! It is funny that we both had the same idea to take pictures of the motels.

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