Thursday 12-06-2007: It was good!

Mister Moose poses here with my lunch. I think most if not all of us ordered the mid-sized grilled lobster tail. I had red beans and rice with mine, and also cole slaw. The dipping sauce was butter, BBQ sauce, and Worchestershire sauce. It was YUMMY! I ended up pouring the sauce over my red beans and rice. We also had some exotic drinks. Debbie wanted to know what the heck a “panty ripper” was, but I don’t think she actually ordered it. Linda and I had Kahlua coladas. I actually had two!

One thought on “Thursday 12-06-2007: It was good!”

  1. I was going to try the panty ripper but then realized I didn’t have any on, LOL

    Lunch was delicious. I had a banana daquiri that was made with real bananas, yummy. I only had one unlike some other lushes at my table 😉

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