Tuesday 12/04/2007: Goodnight, Ladies

Sat out on the deck with a drink for a while – I think this was the night that Deb and I sat out and vowed to go to bed after this drink. We said, “oh we’ll just take a stroll around the deck and then go to our cabins.” Yeah. As if. Like THAT was going to happen!

We ended up in the Dungeon, where everyone else had taken up residence in our “cabana” again. Above, someone is attempting to pinch Viktor, our waiter/cabana boy. I know who it was, and I ain’t tellin’! “What happens on the Lodge Ladies Cruise, STAYS on the Lodge Ladies Cruise!”

On my eventual way back to the cabin, this was when I first noticed that there are these cool panels on the floors of the elevators that tell you what day it is. Look at the date on this post (the one in the subject header); now look at the elevator floor. This will give you a clue as to about when I left the Dungeon… yeah, we’re going to bed early. Whatever! LOL