Wednesday 12/05/2007: Journey to the island launch, continued

Here’s that Carnival ship, I think, getting closer to the port.

Our tour guy’s name was Allejandro, but he said we could call him Alex. He was freakin’ amazing! When we were lining up in the port two by two, he came by, shook each hand, and asked our names. Then while on the bus ride to the launch, he played games with us and remembered EVERY SINGLE damned name of every one of the 40 people on this excursion! I don’t know how he did it. He must have a photographic memory or something.

When we got off the bus, there were two other buses there, so I took a pic of the bus number. I’d rather not come back and get on the wrong bus; I’ll end up on the wrong ship!

One thought on “Wednesday 12/05/2007: Journey to the island launch, continued”

  1. Hey Tink!

    I believe that’s an NCL Ship. Carnival has the “whaletail” funnel.

    Great pics!


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