Wednesday 12/05/2007: Leaving the ship

I had booked an excursion to Passion Island this day. Cozumel is problematic for shell collectors. Most of the island is a marine park, where it is forbidden to remove ANYTHING from the beaches. There must be a boatload of shells just sitting on the beaches, and I knew I would be crying not able to take any home with me, so I booked an excursion to a private island where there are no such rules.

I turned around, and was stunned by the Navigator’s size and good looks, so I had to take a shot.

There’s some sort of construction going on in the port. I heard there was quite a lot of hurricane damage to Cozumel last year, and that the country was well prepared; they had building materials on standby on the mainland, and immediately began rebuilding, so as to minimize loss of tourism dollars.

Here’s the back of the bus that took the excursion to the place where we would catch a boat to the island. SeƱor Frog is cute, is he not? I thought I remembered that the shopping Ladies were planning to meet here later. I had my doubts as to being back in time for that…