All in all, another FABULOUS weekend!

Well, finally it was time to go, and I heard the call of reality, which would lead me off-island and back to my real life. We returned to Gary’s so I could pack up my stuff and get my car. Chris would not be leaving until the next day, so she got to stay and play a while longer.

Kim and I had already had our sad goodbyes earlier, as she needed to go get cleaned up and then do a lot of packing-up type chores to be ready for her flight this afternoon. After lingering as long as I dared, there were hugs all around and I drove home and showered off the day, then sat down to blog a while. But my eyes were closing all by their little selves, so I had to abandon the task and finish it up tonight instead.

I live in southwest Florida, very close to paradise, and I have terrific built-in crazy internet friends down here. AND I found some good shells. Yay, me!