Bald eagle!

When I got to Gary’s house, Chris and Kim were already there. We all hung out for a while, shooting the breeze and pouring over a couple of shelling “bibles” of Gary’s. One of them is called The Sanibel Kaleidescope: A View of Seashell Variations in Color, Pattern, and Structure by Harlan E. Wittkopf, and the other is Living Shells of the Caribbean and Florida Keys by Robert E. Lipe and R. Tucker Abbot.

We also sat around for a good 45 minutes debating which restaurant we would grace with our presence that evening. A decision was made, and so was a call to Anne and Al to communicate place/time.

At some point, a passel of us trooped out to the back deck for a smoke, and there was a beautiful bald eagle sitting in the dead tree just beyond Gary’s backyard. We all made a mad rush for our cameras, and he was quite accommodating.

Soon, Kim needed to leave to go get her stuff and get dressed for dinner. She, Anne, and Al would meet us at the restaurant, called The Hungry Heron. Christene declared her intention to become a horse conch herder when she grows up.