Beach Conditions Today

Here’s some red algae aka “The Nanny” embedded in the sand. There were some squishy spots, where you would sink down because there was Nanny hiding under there. The Nanny itself smelled tangy – that first day of Nanny smell. The other smells were coming from elsewhere, up at the high tide line…

Here we see that there are still lots of sea urchins left, even after Kim and I collected a bazillion last weekend. I have 20 of these sitting on cardboard on the table out on the lanai. They are drying slowly but surely. I should go out and flip them over tomorrow. Tootie thinks maybe some of them will be stuck to the cardboard… good thing I got 20 of them!

These sea urchins have been there a while, conceivably since last weekend. Notice that the teeth and guts are gone from this one. That doesn’t happen overnight by itself, I’m guessing. It probably dried out but good, and fell inside.