Foggy Foray to the Lighthouse Beach

Well, when Tootie & Gary posted about their incredible haul at the Lighthouse Beach early Friday morning, including some large and colorful true tulips and mac n cheese, I determined that I needed to do the same today. And after posting that I intended to get up at 3:00 AM, and talking to Anne about whether or not her ass might wake up to join me, I started to have second thoughts about ending up out there alone, just me and my flashlight, and possibly spending the rest of eternity dismembered and under the boardwalk. So I posted that I thought maybe it wasn’t smart, but set the alarm anyway and went to bed.

When the alarm started nagging me, I hit the snooze twice and finally figured, “Well, I guess I’m gonna do this” and got out of bed to make coffee. Out on the lanai waiting for it to brew, the almost-full moon shone distortedly behind thick fog before the clouds came and completely obliterated it. Back inside, I took my coffee over to the computer, and found that Gary had posted a “WTF?” in response to my concerns of dismemberment, indicating to me that he intended to allow me to wake his ass up early. Yay, game ON!

I got my shit together, got in the car and headed out. Remembering the great hunger Chris and I had experienced on the beach during last weekend’s early morning safari with Kim, I munched a banana on the way. The fog was so thick along Six Mile Cypress, I had to reduce my speed; couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me. There was a LOT less fog as I got closer to the causeway; I seem to have driven out of it. Called Gary as I was approaching the toll booth, probably around 4:30. He sounded sleepy but perked right up. The lights were on in the toll booths, but I could not determine which one was inhabited until the lady leaned out and waved. I called Anne as I was crossing the causeway, who already sounded perky, and said they would get dressed and meet us at Gary’s.

Got to Gary’s and decided not to knock, figuring he might have rolled over and gone back to sleep. So I hung on the front porch having a smoke until he came out, sans Tootie. There were stars visible, and I was amazed that the fog was so thick inland but not on the island. As we were waiting for Anne & Al, we heard two owls calling to each other in the night. They were getting closer and closer. We were greatly afeared that A&A would arrive to find nothing left of us but two piles of bones with a little fuzz on top. Finally, Anne & Al arrived, and we left Tootie slumbering peacefully as we all piled into the car and made our way to the Lighthouse Beach.

One thought on “Foggy Foray to the Lighthouse Beach”

  1. QUOTE:“…we heard two owls calling to each other in the night”
    Wow, I’m glad it was two owls that you heard, because the way you phrased it reminded me of the book I Heard The Owl Call My Name. In fact, whenever I hear an owl hoot, I think of that book. In case you haven’t read it (actually it’s a great read) in native folklore, when you hear the owl call your name…well ummm…it’s like you’re going to be crossing the rainbow bridge (if you get my drift). So owls hooting gives me the shivers.

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