Illegal maneuvers?

Is it legal to do the “Sanibel Stoop” on Captiva? Here we see Chris, Kim and Tootie all searching with their flashlight for something, anything. Kim actually found TWO fan shells. I found one too, but it was incredibly beat up. Still, first fan shell I ever found. Also found a small whelk, a turban, an apple murex, and a pink auger.

After a while, we all headed back to the car. It was incredibly foggy, and moisture clung thickly to the windows. I wish to report that I kept to the speed limit, made complete stops at the appropriate controlled intersection, and did not put us into a swale or bike path. I, um, had my glasses on.

When we got back to Gary’s, the house kept dripping on us. We basically all put on our PJs, brushed our teeth an hit the sack.