The Crow’s Nest

Here we are at The Crow’s Nest. The band was called The Modulators. I thought they were OK. One of the singers was often off-key and/or talk-sung a lot. The crowd seemed to like them ok. They play an ecclectic selection of tropical resort fare.

When you walk into The Crow’s Nest, you come in through a wide front porch. The area in which you enter has a big screen TV where you can sit and watch “the game” – whatever game happens to be going on at the time, I guess. Then there is the bar area with the stage and a small-ish dance floor in front of it, and a section of tables. There is also a back section of tables, which muffles the overly-loud band a bit, and a little patio out back where you can go out and escape the noise or have a smoke. There was a dog tied up out there last night. Lots of people seemed to know this dog; one guy claimed the dog was the mayor of Captiva.

We headed for the back section and took over one end of a very long table. Here’s the gang sans Gary. Those pink-red drinks are called Washington Apple. Very fragrant and tasty. I had a Corona and then switched to water. I’m not a very good drinker, I’m afraid.