The Foray Ends…

Finally, it was time to go. Everyone was tired, and Ann & Al still had to go get cleaned up and check out of the hotel. They will make their journey back to the frozen tundra this afternoon. Poor souls, they are going back to so much snow! I was so glad to have gotten to hang out with them again. Can’t wait for them to come back.

Went back to Gary’s to fetch my car, and had a peek at the portion of their haul that was still soaking in the bleach water in the garage. Nice stuff! Can’t wait to see it all cleaned up and shiny. Drive home uneventful. De-sanded the shells, and placed them in the bleach bath, then took a shower. I’m a bit on the sleepy side now.

As I was writing this, Kim called to see how it went this morning. She said she checked the blog first thing, but as I explained to her, there’s no flash on the camera phone so I could not blog photos live. We chatted a bit about this and that. I miss her! Sure could get used to having her around on a permanent basis. Well, maybe someday!

Here comes the haul…

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