The Hungry Heron

For dinner this fine evening, we’d settled upon all meeting up at The Hungry Heron. Gary, Tootie, Chris and I arrived a wee bit late; Anne, Al and Kim were already seated. Kim brought along her friends Connie and Daryl, who were delightful dinner companions. The majority ordered the garlic crusted grouper, which was delicious, and came with a HUGE baked Yukon Gold potato, as well as grilled vegetables. Chris and I were really impressed with the veggies (as usual, I picked out all the onions, but there were plenty of carrots, red and green bell pepper slivers, yellow squash, etc. to keep me happy). The menu at The Hungry Heron goes on forever and ever; at one point, before I’d looked at the specials menu, I was considering another dish which was number 176, and only halfway through the menu!