The Shell Tables at the Sanibel Cafe

Aside from the excellent food served, the tables at The Sanibel Cafe might be this establishment’s best feature. The tables are glass-topped and filled with shells! Many of them are fossilized artifacts from long-ago eras, sitting side-by-side with their modern day counterparts. Featured above: a fossil junonia sitting next to one we would all seriously consider going to jail for! (Just kidding, Richard… seriously, I’M JUST KIDDING!).

Both of the owners, Ken and the aforementioned Richard, are very friendly and welcoming, and seem to enjoy walking the floor to socialize with their guests. On this day, I ordered the Cafe Wafles Supreme; a HUGE waffle with a ham steak underneath and rasins and apples on top. It was delicious! Chris got the Blue Bull sandwich, and I think Tootie got the ribs.

As our meal was winding down, Anne and Al strolled in! They took a window booth right behind ours so we could converse a bit. Under the auspices of going out to have a smoke, Chris ducked into a nearby shop and purchased a starfish necklace that Tootie had been coveting. It looks lovely on her!