End of a LONG-ass day!

We had dinner at Chefs de France. I had the lobster bisque, walnut and grape salad, and the beef short ribs in Cabernet sauce. We did not like the cauliflower mashed potatoes; for some reason they tasted really different in a bad way, and no amount of Cabernet sauce could improve upon them. No. 2 had the house salad, and didn’t like the dressing, and also had the macaroni, which was very good.

We saw Illuminations out the window, but the French restaurant does not dim the lights or pipe in the music, which I think is rather ungenerous of them. We rolled out of there around 9:30 PM and took the boat back to the resort.

We had another love note from our housekeeper. This has never happened to me before – anyone else get love notes from housekeeping?

OK, now you’re all caught up! We are off to Epcot now to get those E-ticket rides, then we go to Magic Kingdom to meet up with Chez Bro! Woo hoo!