Awaiting lampage

Colander full of sea shells found on Sanibel Island and Captiva Island, including king's crown, paper fig, pear whelk and moon snail.

So, this is the collander full of haul from last Sunday. And for good measure, I rescued all my king’s crowns from the lanai and oiled them too. I figure after being in the freezer for weeks, and then on the lanai for weeks, if something was going to hatch from them, it would have happened by now. The colors popped nicely after oiling, and they didn’t need much blotting; soaked it right up!

Anyway, now that every banded tulip in the house is oiled up, I think the next group will be lightening whelks. I already have a glass cookie jar filled with the bigger ones that I’ve found, so what’s due for a shining are palm-of-your-hand and smaller sized whelks.

I’m never going to leave all the shining for “later” ever again! It’s a domino effect; I can’t fill these lamps and such without the shells looking as purty as they can, so I have to wait until all the shells are shined. *sigh* Never again! Shoot me if I put shells away without them being shined first!

2 thoughts on “Awaiting lampage”

  1. I believe I have seen these beautiful king’s crowns before in your January photos? However, I am itching to know where and how you found all these! I have found many live ones (all put back, with my apologies for disturbing them)and a few small dead ones near a mudflat close to Bowman’s, but you must have found the jackpot!

  2. Ah, we would have to swear you into the secret society, with the blindfold and all that – LOL! There’s also allegedly a place at Fort Myers Beach to try – having a conversation with someone on TripAdvisor about this at the moment.

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