Delswife escapes Maine, goes to join her palm tree

Epic news today amongst the Mooses. Robin, aka Delswife, has escaped from Maine and is relocating to Kissimmee, Florida. Yay, Robin! Someone mentioned that they have GPS in the truck for the drive down.

Ah, GPS.

aka, “the bitch in the trunk” 😆

That’s what I call her. She’s just this disembodied voice that sounds impatient with you when you miss a turn


She says it with a sort of flat and disgusted accent, like Gladys Kravitz on [i]Bewitched[/i]

“reCALculating….” (insert eye roll into that voice)

I’m glad they’ve got the bitch in the trunk. Would hate for them to take a wrong turn out of 20 degree Maine and end up in Canada!