Some booty from the weekend (SHELLS!)

Got a text message from Gary around 1:30 am on Sunday (actually, it was 2:30 am, since that was when we “sprang ahead”, but I hadn’t changed my clocks yet). Amazed, actually, that I even heard the cell phone announcing the text message, since I was asleep! Lo and behold, the message said, “Get your ass out here” and showed a photo of a flashlight beam illuminating a mountain of shells!

So I drove out to the beach, stopping at 7-11 for coffee. It was windy, it was cold, there were SHELLS like you wouldn’t believe! We shelled for probably 2.5 hours and then went to Jerry’s for breakfast and to get warm. We came back when it was light out, but by that time our defenses were down – we hadn’t really slept, and we’d been cold for a LONG time, so we decided to pack it in. However, we were glad that we went back because I quickly found about 2/3 of a junonia, just rummaging on the surface of the pile.

3 thoughts on “Some booty from the weekend (SHELLS!)”

  1. Thanks so much for your posts and accompanying photos! I live in Oklahoma and very seldom get back to Sanibel. Your blog is one of my few shelling “lifelines.” I check it quite frequently to for a vicarious shelling fix! 🙂 Please keep posting shelling stuff. Thanks again!

  2. Wow, thanks for your kind remarks! I shall do my best to keep you happy, but do realize that you’ll have to put up with period trips to Disney, too! LOL

  3. Ha ha! I should have mentioned that I enjoy all of what you post, too! Thanks, Tink!

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