First rainbow of 2008

As I drove into my own town, it began to sprinkle less than 5 miles from my house. I looked up and saw a double rainbow in the sky, the first I’ve seen in 2008.

The upper level of the double rainbow is starting to fade out.

It really had a nice arc to it! It faded the closer I got to home, and I went inside happy that it was raining for the THIRD day in a row. We’re making progress toward wiping out the deficit and getting out of this drought.

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Mmmm, Mexican food!

Kind of a hole in the wall, but it has become somewhat of a tradition that when I go up to the Tampa office, I to go to lunch with colleagues at Guadalajara, a really EXCELLENT Mexican restaurant.

Here’s the address off the menu, just for Chris.

There are two seating areas, both of which have a stained glass ceiling.

Authentically groovy decor… although, it does look as though someone hasn’t de-decorated since Valentine’s Day!

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