12 thoughts on “Wordless, Saturday April 26th 2008”

  1. Very nice! I just noticed you’re putting your little *~*~* in the lower left…very cute!

  2. That is gorgeous. I am embarrassed to say that in all the time we have lived here, we have never made it to Six Mile Slough! Every year I keep saying we need to go but never do.

  3. What a beautiful setting it would be nice to sit there and relax and watch the sky

  4. It is a nice, peaceful walk through wilderness and swamp. They have a few low key programs there, like a guided walk and some sort of demonstration on the water (on the boardwalk, you pass a little theater). Summer is hot and sticky there, but that seems to be the time to get the reflecting shots of trees and clouds off the lake. You’d have to go before the afternoon rain starts; the day I went, I just about made it back to the car as the sky was opening up.

  5. Upon reflection there is such a fine line between Reality and and Image ! 🙂

    Simply great pic 🙂

  6. Just posting that I hope to be here – with my nose pressed against the monitor – looking for your live photo blogging of a sunset cruise later today. 🙂

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