MORE video from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Ooops! Here’s MORE video from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, including the beloved otters!

First, a Rhino
He’s playing with a rope…

It’s just a short clip; by time I dispossessed some little kid of his position on the wall (kidding!) so I could get up there and see, the otters were done with us. I think I have some video in the phone too, but will need to convert it.

3 thoughts on “MORE video from Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. I was a little woozy after the rhino video…but the otter video was a thumbs up (they are such playful creatures).

    This video has got me curious about the differences between river and sea otters, so I may blog about that in the near future.

  2. Loved them!

    And see? Although you are now home, you are still finding a way to give me a little fix. Thank you! 😉

  3. Those were lovely videos. But I wonder – the otters doing the same thing over and over again. Think they were bored? Or just giving great photos opportunities to the tourists?

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