NOW BLOGGING! um… nothing in particular!

On Being Mature and Wise

Well, you see it up there, right under the header. I did the mature, adult thing and opted out of the Noah’s Ark adventure because I am sick. Honestly, if I didn’t have such a crazy two weeks coming up, I might have gone, sick and all. But I have back-to-back business and vacation trips scheduled, and then my BFF Lisa is coming from Long Island (aka, The Loverly Isle of Long) to help me “haul and install” stuff and generally hang out and have a good time. I have not seen her since…. mmm, not sure. I think Christmas got messed up because I had a cold then, too! Probably because I burned my candle at both ends, or maybe simply because I have completed my transformation to Floridian and no longer have the fortitude for winter time in the frozen north. So, I’m doing the right thing. I’m going to sleep, drink plenty of fluids and try to eat sensibly – which is hard when I’m sick, because the appetite goes south and I must entice myself into eating by serving myself junk.

On “Haulin’ & Installin'”

Anyhow – yes, we’re in nesting mode here in Tinkerville. I bought a new sofa. Old sofa must be moved, furniture rearranged in destination room. I bought a combination electric fireplace/entertainment center unit. New television must be purchased and hooked up (and if anyone has any new television recommendations, speak!). Ceiling fixtures must be purchased and installed. Artwork may also be framed and hung, if I can ever stop being so picky and find frames that I actually like.

See? I actually have mundane, life-like stuff that happens. It’s not all mobloggin’ fabulous recreational activities 😀

And um, speaking of recreational activities… I would like to take her out to the beach one day, show her why I love this place.

On Blogging Dilemmas and General Geekishness

When I decided not to do the Noah’s Ark tour, it was not long before I realized that I would have to break the news to all 24 of my subscribers, who would no doubt become horribly disappointed in me and unsubscribe just to express their displeasure with me. As it turns out, no one has unsubscribed, that I can tell, and a few of you emailed me, hoping I was feeling better soon. Thanks for that, you were very sweet! I don’t know who all of you are, but I appreciate that you bothered to subscribe here and I hope you’re getting whatever it is you came here for.

In Conclusion, and as The Shell Queen Would Say: E-YA LATER!

Drop me an email any time – I kinda liked that! Or make a comment here, and tell me, first of all, did you ever have to cancel a scheduled blogging event? Did it make you feel bad, like you’d promised and now you are reneging? And second of all, what would you like to see more of on this blog? How about things you’d like to see less of? I’m open to suggestions!

OK, gonna set this to post later. I’m off to bed!

11 thoughts on “NOW BLOGGING! um… nothing in particular!”

  1. Hello Tink

    Hope you are resting and feeling better. Buckets of chicken soup and gallons of green tea ..sure shot remedy for a nasty cold . 🙂

  2. Thanks, shubd. I feel so run down, I’m not properly upset about missing the fun. I think I’ll go back to bed now!

    Tink *~*~*

  3. Aww, Tink. I’m sorry you are sick! How can anyone possibly get sick living in Sunny Florida? LOL. Anyway, take care of yourself.

    I don’t pre-plan blogging events so I’ve never had to cancel one. I have, however, had to cancel lots of things because of illness, surgery etc. Not fun!

    What would I like to see on your blog. More Sanibel stuff!! What can I say, I miss the old place.

  4. This my views on blogging.. I blog because I enjoy it plus it gives me a chance to see other people photos (big hobby of mine – to take and view pics) and read their stories. Specially people who travel interst me greatly. But I wouldnt stop visiting their blog just because they cancel a trip or two.. I would just look forward to read about the next one even more!! 🙂

    Hope you feeling better soon! 😀

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Feel better soon, Tink!

    And although it is not as hot in Georgia as it is in Florida, Mark and I have decided that being sick in the South *feels* worse than being sick in the North. Humidity maybe?

  6. @snowbird – you just left, how can you possibly miss it yet? 😉 I’m just teasin’ ya – I know that it is a very missable place. You’re back in September, right? There’s a booth at Jerry’s with our name on it!

    @pixiekatten – thanks, you’ve made me feel a little less guilt!

    @theteach – thank you for coming by today. Comments make my day!

    @Mare – as a former northerner, I’m going to agree with you and Mark about this. It might be the humidity, or it could just be that the sun is stronger down here (closer to the equator and all that), and you feel like it’s glaring on you when all you want is a nice, dark cave.

  7. Hi Tink – looks like me and you have the same agenda for this weekend: REST & FLUIDS

    I was able to keep the stomach flu from getting at me, but this week, it’s a nasty cold/sinus infection.


    Just like I tweeted – you know you’re getting old when you cough and have to cross your legs.

    lol – hope you’re feeling better soon!

  8. I say let’s remember that we blog because we enjoy it – not because we have to.

    Hope your cold gets better real quick Tink. Take good care of yourself and looking forward to reading more when you are up to it.

    Until then, we will wait patiently. We ain’t goin’ nowhere. 🙂

  9. I hope you start to feel better! Don’t worry about real life getting in the way of blogging – if anyone doesn’t understand that, well, then they’re probably not human. :O)

  10. Hello Tink …how are you today ? Hope you are feeling better .

    Thanks for stopping by .

    Do hope you will be well soon.

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