Sick again

I have the plague again. I also have a friend here from out of town, so I don’t really have the luxury of going to bed and staying there until I am well. Trying to get as much sleep as I can, though.

We are re-arranging all the furniture in my house and doing other fun stuff like going to pick out a new TV and hanging up paintings and posters, etc. Also, we’ll be going to the beach!

I think I might be able to get in a small nap right now, cause she is still sleeping… shhhhh!

3 thoughts on “Sick again”

  1. Hopefully this is the type of crud that once you get moving, you feel a bit better.

  2. Get better quick. It’s no fun being sick when you have company, when you live in sunny Florida, and when you want to go to the beach.

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