The Tuesday Recap – yeah, I’m home from Disney World :(

Hey there, everyone. I got home precisely 3 hours from the time I got on I-4, and that included a 10-minute potty break in Ellenton.

It All Started With A Mouse.. er, I mean a Watch

So, the plan didn’t go as planned, but that’s ok cause I had fun anyway. It all started with a watch. I had bought some stuff while I was roaming the parks (quelle surprise!), among which was one of those specials that you sometimes see – spend $40 or whatever amount, and get the tote bag/throw/watch for $10 or whatever. So I bought a couple of shirts and things at the Boardwalk’s store, and got the tote bag. It is freakin’ HUGE. I guess Disney is signing up for the “shop green” thing, and trying to encourage the use of these canvas totes instead of plastic shopping bags. Personally, I think it makes a fine beach bag, as it is freakin’ HUGE and will fit a towel and then some.

Semper Gumby (Always Flexible)

So I was packing up ALL my purchases into the tote bag, and came across a Mickey watch that SIL had gotten in Hollywood Studios. It was in the bag with my shirt that does the monorail spiel in Spanish. I called SIL to find out if they were still in the hotel or if they’d already gone to Sea World, and it turns out they had changed their plans. They were walking down the Boardwalk toward Epcot. While we were talking, the bell services dude came for my bags, and I had him stow them for me and headed for the Boardwalk myself.

Let’s Do Lunch

They were sitting on a bench in the shade, right where you rent the surrey bikes, waiting for me, and we all walked into EPCOT together. We ambled down the UK-Canada side, stopping to look at all manner of festival wares on the way. We ended up in Mexico and decided to have lunch. It was a couple of minutes before noon, and without an reservation we were still able to be seated right away. We had a lovely lunch in the perpetual twilight, and did the boat ride afterward. I can’t remember the new name of that ride; it will always be El Rio del Tiempo to me, just with caballeros now.

I Love You, I’ll Miss You, Now Leave Me Alone, I Want To Shop

After lunch, we backtracked and parted from one another at the World Showcase Plaza. They headed off to do Soarin’ and some other stuff, and I headed back through the International Gateway to get my car. It was later than I wanted it to be, and I almost didn’t go to Downtown Disney, but decided I really could not do without a few of those cute t-shirts I’d seen. I did stop in both the Boardwalk shops and the Swan shop to see if at least one of them could be found; no such luck, so off I went.

It was the quickest trip to Downtown Disney I’ve ever made. I sent an Utter that showed up here on the blog at 2:22 PM, while standing outside the Swan. By 3:50 PM, the pic of me getting on I-4 posted. So, with time to drive from the Swan to DTD, and time to drive from DTD to I-4, I’m going to guess I was only in the store MAYBE an hour at the most.

Home, Sweet Home

The trip home was quite uneventful. It feels shorter each time I do it, but it’s still too long. I might try flying one of these days, if I can get those uber-cheap $49 Southwest commuter flights. Lord knows, if I’d had my brain screwed on correctly when I booked the business trip I took to Columbus last week, I would have been flying home (there was only one day between coming home from Columbus and driving to Orlando, and my layover was – you guessed it! – in Orlando!).

It’s good to be home. I’ve got more photos and video in the big camera that y’all haven’t seen yet. I’m looking forward to sorting through them, reliving the memories, and picking out which ones I’d like to share here. My next trip to Orlando isn’t until the fall, so I’ve got a while to wait until I can get my next fix. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Ciao for now!

4 thoughts on “The Tuesday Recap – yeah, I’m home from Disney World :(”

  1. Aren’t spontaneous days fun? 😉

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! 🙂

  2. What a neat way to remember the trip! Mobile blogging has always fascinated me…I dabbled in it when I had a smartphone with a camera – a Motorola Q – but stopped when I switched to a cameraless BlackBerry. Time for an upgrade, perhaps?

    I’ve posted my Wordless Wednesday contribution here – – and hope you can drop by and say hi. It’s always great to meet new folks this way.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest-of-WW!


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