Wordless, Friday May 23rd 2008

Moon over the Italian Pavilion, EPCOT
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Saturday, February 16th 2008

What is is with me and the moon? I dunno! For those of you who have been there, I’ll tell you where I was standing. You know the courtyard, where the nekkid statue of King Triton holding the sea shell is? I’m standing there, so the moon is over the restaurant. I liked the way the branches looked, all feathery against the twilight blue sky (data on the original photo says 6:00 PM; those sunset shots I posted earlier in the week were taken at 6:08 PM, right after this one).

7 thoughts on “Wordless, Friday May 23rd 2008”

  1. Hi Tink!

    Gee! We might have seen each other! I was shooting the moon earlier this week at Epcot too!

    Nice shot!



  2. you got moon-fever too? 😉 When I first started painting I had to have a moon in every painting.. not anymore – guess therapy helped, haha, 😉
    Have a great WW!!

  3. Cool photo. It looks like it could be somewhere out here, perhaps to the south in the dessert 🙂

  4. Looking forward immensely to your next live blogging of WDW!

    PS: There’s a pic for you at my blog. 😉 🙂

  5. I love moon photographs, but I have never got a photograph of the moon myself.


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