31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday! May 7th 2008”

  1. The tide is actually coming in, just turned maybe an hour before this.

  2. Beautiful picture!!!!!

    My husband’s parents are snowbirds~ they are in Fort Myers….we love Sanibel!

    Your comment about all the comments~ LOL!

    Happy WW!

  3. gorgeous!!
    it makes me appreciate florida even more — i’m a little north of there, would you believe i haven’t been to the beach yet this year?
    i’m lame.

  4. Gorgeous pic. I think I see a new career for you Tink 🙂

    I have Florida clouds.

  5. Christie, you’re not lame – but judging from your profile photo, I’d say you’re probably busy! 😀

    Tink *~*~*

  6. Oh, Sanibel Island is on my top 10 list to visit. I hear it is beautiful, with so many shells. Awesome photo.

  7. Tink, I think *you* should be the one who gets the new fancy camera! 😉

    Your shots are just amazing!

  8. Nice beach, very calming.
    It’s interesting how different it is from the beaches here in California.

  9. I love it! I miss living by the water. We lived in Corpus Christi, TX for 5 years – only mins from S. Padre Island…..Oh, I miss it.

    Happy WW

  10. Like the waves lapped the shore
    I lapped (up) the picture !!

    What an utterly beautiful shot 🙂

  11. that is great capture of about to set in tide.
    i like you fonts too. very friendly for a person who refuse to wear eyeglasses in front of the pc

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