First post using crackberry

EDITING AFTERWARD – ok FINALLY I have forced this mofo to post to the blog. I had to do it via email. It doesn’t want to do SMS or MMS like my other phone/account used to. That’s fine, just so long as the posts get here.

I have to mess with it to ensure that the photos arrive in Picasa Web Albums at 600×800 and also that they post here with the good ol’ “s800” instead of “s400” (I just messed with this one to make it 800, but I won’t be able to do that while I’m mobile.

Sacrificing live chicken to the Blogger gods…..
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4 thoughts on “First post using crackberry”

  1. “Sacrificing live chicken to the Blogger gods…”


    So *that’s* what I was doing wrong when I couldn’t get my photos to post. I was sending the gods Keebler cookies, and they were cravin’ some chicken! 😉

  2. looks like you really enjoy collecting shells. congratulations on your crackberry!

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