The Teach asked a question about photo size

src=””I’m hoping the above line will post as text and not as a photo! This is part of the code from when I posted the photo of the Crackberry the other day.When I mobile blog, the photos are going to show up small, usually. But when I am blogging photos from my computer’s hard drive, I resize them to 800×600 before I upload them. Still, blogger will usually post them small, initially – no matter if I check small, medium or large. I don’t really know why they give you the small, medium or large option if they are just going to post them tiny…. but you can fight back, dammit! :DSee the part in the line of code that says “/s400/” ? After I upload a photo to a post in Blogger, if the photo posted tiny, I edit the post – I switch to the Edit Html tab, find that S400 part, and change the 4 to an 8. That gets them back to the 800×600 that I intendedSee, I selected “large” and it still posted small! But I’m going to change the 4 to an 8 now, and see what happens –Glass bowls filled with sea shells found on Sanibel Island, including true tulips, banded tulips, Florida horse conchs, lightening whelks, king's crowns, moon snail, nutmeg shell, alphabet cone and many others.Now that’s more like it! BTW, these containers of shells are sitting on top of my piano, and that’s a bust of Wagner. I don’t really care an awful lot for Wagner, but he was sitting on my grandfather’s piano my entire life, so when my grandfather passed on, I took old Richard home with me.I hope this explains the photo size thing in Blogger. I don’t really know a lot of Html, but that size thing was driving me batty, so I experimented and eventually figured it out.

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  1. It’s always so exciting to figure something out with blogger isn’t it? Good for you!

  2. Yeah…good for you Tink!

    BTW – the glass containers of shells are an awesome way to put them on display!

  3. I tried it and I think it worked.It just made my pic less wide,tho.What’s up with that?

  4. If you resized them to 640×480 and use it on blogger, you’ll have to use “medium” or “large” I think 🙂

    p/s: I’ll “shoot” myself if I can’t go to Disneyland soon!! 😛 hahahhaa…

    Have a good week ahed 🙂

  5. Try using the “s640” folder so the picture does not get truncated on the right.

    Poor old Wilhelm Richard Wagner’s head gets lopped off in Tink’s larger photo of the piano top decorations.

    I quickly peeked at the source code for this template and it looks like there is a width limit of 67% of screen layout and a 25% margin area on right.

  6. I just learn so much from your informational posts-thank you!

    And I think it’s sweet that you gave Wagner a new home…


  7. Tink, Thank you! Thank you! Yes it all works! A trick everyone should know. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! You’re a true blogger friend! 🙂

  8. Tink, I pull up the photo of the shells on the piano when I need a good “shell rush.” I can’t believe how large and pristine several of them are. Those shells give me inspiration!

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