Wordless Saturday June 14th 2008

Dedicated to a friend – … and I only just now noticed that you can see that I have a Motorola phone. It’s reflected in the package wrapper!

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Saturday June 14th 2008”

  1. Tink…don’t you work at Sanibel with the birds? I have a duck who needs help. It was (unrealized by me) being tortured by the geese. They got a hold of it and she pretty much doesn’t have any feathers on her back. She has no strength as they wouldn’t let her eat and walks (barely) with a wobble. I force fed her some oatmeal last night (with luck) and tried some water today (with no luck. She’s gettin so weak I’m losing her. Can’t you give me any suggestions? Thanks. *Gayle*

  2. No, I don’t work on Sanibel with the birds; that would be Snowbird. Herblog is Sand Between My Toes.


    She volunteers at C.R.O.W. (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, on Sanibel Island).


    If your bird is on Sanibel, I would call C.R.O.W. If not, I’d crack open the phone book and find your nearest wildlife rehab place and get some advice from them.

    Poor bird! I’m going to post this on both your blog and mine, and also send it to you by email.

  3. Ha! That’s awesome that you can see your phone. And those little notes are fantastic! I would love a set just like that 🙂

    The power of caffeine indeed!

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