16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – June 18th 2008”

  1. Hey Tink, now we know what’s at the end of the rainbow!

    Happy WW, thanks for peeking in on Amber.

  2. Rainbow! 🙂
    One of the most beautiful creations of mother nature!

    I wonder what’s that tall tower for on the left side.
    Happy Thursday!

  3. Hey Elaine –

    The towers are torches. They are lit each night about a half hour before the multimedia fireworks show, called “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth”. They represent the concept of the community sitting around the fire at night telling stories.

    Video does not really do the show justice, as often it just looks like a blob of fire while the earth is being “born”… But I’m going to find one on YouTube for you and post it so you can see the torches around the lake in the beginning, and hear when they are blown out, etc.

  4. Yeah a rainbow! I love rainbows. Since moving to NM I’ve seen more here than anywhere else I’ve lived. Thanks for sharing.

    Hey, if you think flighty butterflies are bad try photographing humming birds. That will drive you to distraction. LOL

  5. I haven’t seen a rainbow for a decade! Not easy to see one in concrete jungle of Singapore. 🙂

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