Probably taking the day off (from blogging)

Should I start a new meme – “Blogless Thursday”?

I just made it up, just now, because I don’t feel like searching my photos, and I can’t think of anything meaningful to post.

The rule for “Blogless Thursday” is that you either don’t post a damned thing, or else you just post nonsense that didn’t require any effort at all. You just come here and check in and then let your blog be drivel, cause it’s Thursday.

Hey, it could work!

Would you be interested in “Blogless Thursday”? If I think we have enough peeps to participate, I’ll do a Mr. Linky next week (oh boy, have to learn how to do a Mr. Linky!)

Do you ever take a day off from blogging, or are you an “I must post every day” person? What factors can prevent you from posting?

Here, I’ll start a list –

1. Lack of inspiration (Tink’s *~*~* excuse for today)

6 thoughts on “Probably taking the day off (from blogging)”

  1. i don’t post everyday because:
    1. sometimes i don’t have the resources or the article to post.
    2. sometimes im out of town
    3. sometimes i need to retain the same posts for two days for some people not to miss it out.
    4. sometimes im just busy.

  2. I don’t post everyday because:
    1. I can’t think of a thing interesting to write about.
    2. I’m doing other things.
    3. I don’t want to take the effort.
    4. I’m out of town and away from a computer.
    5. I forget.
    6. I’m just too dang lazy!!!

  3. Wow. With such a variety of forces working against the act of blogging, it’s no wonder any of us gets any blogging done at all! :p

    Tink *~*~*

  4. I have nothing interesting (hey, who says it is ever interesting!) to write today 😉

  5. I am lazy, but I prefer to think of it as being overwhelmed by my own thoughts.

  6. Although I *did* just post a photo of the Peanut, Thursday is usually an off day for me.

    My excuse? As long as the weather works with me, Thursday is lawn/yard day. By the time I am finished taking care of the ‘Back 40’, I am just too tired to even think! 😉

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